Stayin' Alive

Released in the 1970s, “Stayin' alive” was one of the Bee Gees’ biggest hits and remains popular to this day. Indeed, the song literally stays alive. Just like our Circle Up packaging. Thanks to the use of recyclate, it’s always a hit with our customers.

Wild, colorful and full of energy: The 70s gave us flashy fashion, flower power, and lots of great music. At the same time, the disco craze swept the globe and brought Saturday Night Fever to the nightclubs. And in the movie of the same name, John Travolta, alias Tony Manero, whirled around the dance floor in a white polyester suit, becoming an icon of the disco scene.

Admittedly, our Circle Up packaging won’t scoop any prizes on the dance floor. But never mind. It has a lot more to offer than a few cool moves. For example, it’s eco-friendly, incredibly flexible, and – get this – it looks damn good, too. In fact, it’s already won quite a few admirers. Not convinced? Then pay us a visit and see for yourself ...

Recycled packaging is stayin‘ alive!

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