Let us help you apply!

Your application – joining rose plastic

Have you seen a suitable position on our website and want to apply? Everything you need to know is summarized below. We’ll show you how to prepare all the necessary paperwork to maximize your chances of success.

Your application forms

We’re looking for applicants who are a good fit for rose plastic. As well as your expertise, your personality is extremely important and should be reflected in your application. Ensure you submit well-presented and complete documents that inspire. That means:

  • Impress us with your covering letter! Tell us why you want to work for rose plastic. Naturally, we want to understand your motivation for applying for the job in question – and what makes you particularly suitable for it.
  • Resume – focus on the essentials.
  • Photograph – if you want to send a photograph, it should be authentic, up-to-date, and professional.
  • Training and employer references

Our application process

So you’ve found a suitable job offer on our website and sent us your application documents via our online application form. But then what happens next? We want to spare you this uncertainty and explain the application process at our company:

  • Once we receive your application documents, we’ll review them as soon as possible and then contact you.
  • Invitation to a personal job interview: Play to your strengths and show us why you’re a win for our business.
  • Familiarization day at rose plastic: Get to know our company, your department, and the various processes within each area.
  • Contract offer / signing.

Once you’ve completed this process, it’s time for us to say “Welcome to the rose plastic team!” To get you started, you’ll receive an induction plan and an employee handbook containing all important information about the company. You’ll also take part in training activities and briefings relevant to your job.