Trainees build “Silent Sellers” for Hergensweiler

You can see the participants of the campaign "silent sellers".

Delighted with the successful project: (from left) Johanna Zwießler, apprentice industrial clerk, Wolfgang Strohmaier, Tobias Rogg, apprentice toolmaker, Lea Klein, training officer at rose plastic. Photo: rose plastic

The municipality of Hergensweiler approached rose plastic’s trainees with an unusual project. New “Silent Sellers” were needed. The finished boxes have now been installed in collaboration with Hergensweiler’s mayor Wolfgang Strohmaier.

Until recently, Hergensweiler’s official gazette, in which all important information about community life is published, was delivered to households by hand. As this is no longer possible, the municipality began looking for an alternative. One thing was certain – the gazette will remain available to the citizens of Hergensweiler. 
Together with a rose employee, Wolfgang Strohmaier considered various ways to create more Silent Sellers for the official gazette in Hergensweiler. This resulted in the idea of getting our trainees on board.

Trainees embody our corporate culture
Our young people gladly rose to this challenge. The shape of the Silent Sellers soon became clear, with the good old mailbox serving as inspiration. While our industrial trainees were responsible for the technical drawings and production of the boxes, their commercial counterparts ensured effective communication between all stakeholders.

The new boxes, which are made of stainless steel, have now been installed at five locations in Hergensweiler. Mayor Wolfgang Strohmaier is pleased with the outcome of this successful project. “I really like the Silent Sellers. Besides their functionality, they also exude a beautiful and captivating elegance.” Mr. Strohmaier not only thanked our trainees, but also their trainers and the management at rose plastic for the successful collaboration on this project. And as an extra thank-you, our trainees were treated to buns and doughnuts.

This joint project has given our apprentices an opportunity to take on additional responsibilities and show their commitment to the surrounding community. By doing so, they have perfectly embodied rose plastic’s corporate culture.

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