TwistPack Plus: New Extra, New Sizes

For decades, the name rose plastic has represented well thought-out packaging solutions for numerous applications. Like our TwistPack Plus, for example. Now the successor to the TwistPack packaging tube is also available with a hanger and in additional sizes.

More safety. More efficiency. TwistPack Plus, the new generation of TwistPack packaging tubes, impresses with its user-friendly "Twist-Lock" twist closure. Simply slide the outer tube to the desired length, slightly twist, lock into place, and you are done. This guarantees effortless opening and closing of the packaging. There is no need for time-consuming twisting of the inner and outer parts into one another. This saves an enormous amount of time and money, especially with the longer contents.

Now we have added another practical feature to our packaging tube: With the new hanger, the TwistPack Plus is more versatile and efficient, even with very heavy contents, such as tools, it holds the weight effortlessly. This is where the twist-lock comes into play again; once locked into place, the outer and inner parts are firmly connected. Accidental opening of the packaging is not possible. This protects not only the product but also the user.

Another bonus: The hanger is integrated into the outer tube, which makes one solid tube that ensures stability. The new hanger gives our TwistPack Plus a strong impression at the point of sale. 

In addition to its innovative twist closure, TwistPack Plus has various other impressive features; for example, the rollaway protection provided by the hexagonal base. The large surface area is great for branding, such as an individual company logo or slogan. Like most of our packaging solutions, TwistPack Plus can be reused multiple times which allows an important contribution to be made to environmental protection.

Many more sizes available 

We have also made significant additions to the product range. TwistPack Plus is now available in 80 different sizes.

The advantages of TwistPack Plus at a glance:

  • Easier and faster opening and closing through telescopic quick adjustment
  • Outer and inner parts snap firmly into place thanks to the twist lock - heavy contents are securely safely packed, even when hanging
  • flexible use due to universal length adjustment - tube adapts to the contents
  • safe roll away protection due to hexagonal bottom - prevents unintentional dropping and protects the contents
  • outer parts with hanger made of one piece - this makes the packaging even more stable
  • large printable area for individual branding
  • convincing design and effective presentation at the point of sale

Would you like to learn more about our TwistPack Plus? Then we look forward to your inquiry.