New: InsertClickBox guarantees easier handling, increased safety, and saves time

InsertClickBox in application

Anyone familiar with the InsertBox from rose plastic knows how well it protects high-quality indexable inserts from damage. Our InsertClickBox now complements this proven packaging solution. It comes in three sizes and impresses thanks to two additional features.

With our new InsertClickBox, boxes with or without lids can be clicked together and stacked on top of one other. Thanks to its special geometry, even several filled boxes can be reliably and securely stacked. This makes it easy to transport the boxes, for example in packaging units. The new stacking function thus ensures easy handling, optimum protection of the contents, and simple automation.

The latching function of the lid is another a new feature. The lid can be slid open in both directions – just like the lid on the InsertBox. However, the lid on the InsertClickBox snaps into place after each double compartment is exposed. This stop function allows two inserts to be tipped out at a time when a double compartment is opened. The remaining inserts remain protected inside the box.

InsertClickBox at a glance

Stacking function

  • Boxes can be clicked together and thus safely stacked on top of each other
  • The stacking function enables easy handling
  • Automatable
  • Simple loading

Latching function 

  • The lid can be slid open in both directions
  • The lid engages after exposing each double compartment
  • Improved lid guidance compared to the InsertBox

The InsertClickBox is available in regular polypropylene (PP) as well as polypropylene (PP) made from 100% recycled material. It is also possible to combine both materials. 

Would you like to learn more about our InsertClickBox? Full details can be found on the product page on our website.

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