From waste to value – Recycling packaging from rose plastic

Sustainability and plastic, that is not a contradiction. With packaging made of recycled plastic rose plastic takes responsibility, saves resources and at the same time protects the environment.

Recycled packaging contributes significantly to greater resource efficiency and waste avoidance: All contained products that reach the user undamaged do not have to be produced and transported again. Precisely fitting protective packaging made of plastic accomplishes this task like hardly any other material and this with low weight and optimized reusability. 

Recycling saves resources
In order to make the use of packaging more sustainable, the use of recycled materials is an important step in the careful use of resources. Thanks to a high quality recycling process, used plastics can be recycled and processed into new products. rose plastic also follows this path: We also offer a large part of our packaging made of so-called post-consumer recycled material. In other words from the recycled materials of private households. To make "from waste to value" a reality, we breathe new life into used plastic.

By the way, the recycled plastic is just as robust as new plastic. That means that our recycled packaging protects your products just as reliably as a comparable solution made of regular plastic. 

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We take responsibility
There's more to it than that: We take a multidimensional approach to sustainability. Sustainable and environmentally conscious action has always been closely linked to the values of our family business. With clever product design and efficient processes, for example, we reduce energy consumption and save raw materials. We also focus on the use of sustainable materials. In addition to recycled materials, we successfully use Bio-HDPE, which is obtained from sugar cane, as the basis for our packaging. 

We will continue to expand the use of sustainable materials in the future. At the same time, the rose plastic team continues to actively seek new possibilities and developments. As a family-owned company we feel a special obligation to future generations. 

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