Internship strengthens social commitment

Since 2015 it has been an integral part of the vocational training at rose plastic: The social internship, in which the rose trainees work for three days in the “Lindenberger Werkstätten”, an institution of the Lebenshilfe e.V. Now the employees of the “Lindenberger Werkstätten” were guests at the company in Hergensweiler.

rose plastic and “Lindenberger Werkstätten” have been working together for a long time. There, some of the plastic packaging of the company is completed by people with disabilities. This cooperation was expanded four years ago. Once a year, the rose plastic trainees complete their three-day social internship in the “Lindenberger Werkstätten”. The aim is to familiarize the young women and men with the values of the company, such as social commitment or assuming responsibility.

According to Lea Rothenhäusler, this social internship is something very special both for the apprentices and for the employees of the “Lindenberger Werkstätten”. She is responsible for the vocational training at rose plastic and has already taken part in an internship day herself. Of course, there were reservations when the trainees came to the “Lindenberger Werkstätten” for the first time. Alicia Bieser and Jan Gleich confirm, however, that these fears have disappeared quickly. The cordiality with which they were welcomed by everyone at the time is still in the best memories of the two trainees.

The rose trainees were very happy to organize a return visit to the “Lindenberger Werkstätten”. In addition to a guided tour of the company and a company presentation, the programme also included a final meeting with drinks, cookies and fruits. There was then enough time to review the morning. For example, visitors were amazed at the huge production halls in which the plastic packaging is manufactured. What did they like best during their tour of the plant? Actually everything, but it is still the in-house print shop that was clearly in the lead on this day.

The internship is also something special for Doris Harder. The head of social services at the “Lindenberger Werkstätten” explains that they often go on company visits. A cooperation within the scope of a social internship, however, only exists with the company rose plastic. Harder is impressed by the commitment of the trainees. You notice it by how proudly they show the visitors their work on the tour through the company. And that is not something that can be taken for granted. (sb)